The international ISO 9001 norm encourages the adoption of the process approach in the implementation and enhancement  of an efficient quality management system as well as enhancing the customer satisfaction by satisfying his/her requirements. This norm is adjusted to the ISO 14001 norm and was introduced at Gumiimpex as an integrated system of quality management and environmental aspects.

Our planet is at the moment completely dominated by the man who is daily changing its appearance and the structure of the environment by his/her actions. A great majority of businesses results in continuous soil, air and water pollution what is an additional motivation for organisations to start systematically managing the environment and help reduce the emissions that have a negative influence on the planet Earth.

Except those specified, there are increasingly numerous legislators and various other stakeholders related to environmental protection that organizations need to adapt.

Experience shows that there is a direct link between the business success and a responsible environment management, responsible in the sense of one´s attitude, strategy and action.