A laboratory with modern equipment and great instruments for testing physical features of rubber compounds and final products guarantees traceability and constant quality of products.

Trained operators test and develop rubber compounds and final products using the appropriate laboratory gear following the basic features:

  • determining hardness according to Shore A and Shore D scale, as well as IRHD scale
  • determining tractive features of materials such as rubber, plastics, composites, leather etc.
  • tensile strength
  • resistance to further tearing
  • compression
  • fission
  • separation
  • shear
  • relaxation
  • hysteresis
  • vulcanisation (rheometric) features of crude rubber compounds
  • determining permanent deformation by ramming
  • determining features of the materials such as density, capacity, dimensions, bubbling up in various media etc.
  • determining changes in features under the influence of accelerated aging in various conditions and/or media
  • determining material wear
  • determining diverse specific features of the materials at customers´ request according to ISO, DIN, ASTM, FDA, etc. standards or intern standards of the customers

All tests are performed according to established and prescribed international standards and are accompanied by records and laboratory reports in the written and electronic format.