Car tires

Besides its production and services, Gumiimpex-GRP has developed into an important distributes of car tires that can be used for various purposes. It brings to the market products as a partner of worldwide renowned corporations such as MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, SAVA and BRIDGESTONE. Almost all fields of application of car tires are covered – for semi-cargo, cargo and passenger vehicles, for busses, agricultural and working machines, forklifts, motorbikes and bicycles…

Ever since the establishment of the company, Gumiimpex-GRP provides quality tire repair services. In its service shop with modern equipment, expert vulcanizing personnel offer services of mounting and un-mounting of tires, balancing and optics services buses, cargo and semi-cargo and passenger vehicles, forklifts, tractors and other specific traffic or working machines.

Respecting the market´s needs, Gumiimpex-GRP product range has been extended by a series of items for industrial plants maintenance. It includes rubber and light industrial conveyor belts , industrial filtration, oils and lubricants, radial shaft seals – simmerings, bearings, V-belts , variatory speed belts and timing belts, gall chains, rubber and PVC hoses, polyamides, tesnit, products for sealing / gluing and many other products for industrial maintenance.

In distributing an additional product range GUMIIMPEX-GRP cooperates with well-known companies which product program support technical maintenance of industrial plants:

  • PARTS FOR SEPARATIONS AND TRANSPORTERS, for transport and sieving of scattered materials in quarries, gravel pits, lime plants, cement works, sugar refineries…, we offer ROLLERS, CYLINDERS, SCREENS of renown European producers such as „ISENMANN“, „BINDER“ and „WESTA“.
  • We distribute INA OILS and LUBRICANTS
  • For V-BELTS, VARIATORY SPEED BELTS AND TIMING BELTS on the Croatian market, we represent OPTIBELT and SAVA-GOODYEAR and distribute products from SEMPERIT
  • RADIAL SHAFT SEALS – SIMMERINGS, are very important in sealing of rotary shafts, the distribution of these products has developed a partnership with one of the best known and highest quality producers of radial shaft seals – simmerings „FREUDENBERG “ from Germany
  • For BEARINGS and housings as well as tools for mounting and detecting of failure of mounted bearings, distribution of „SKF“ products
  • POLYAMIDES AND POLETHYLENES, , technical thermoplastics, are usually required to produce pulleys, couplings, for different cams, screws, sliding bearings and other machine elements subjected to impact strengthtechnical thermal plastic, are most often used to manufacture pulleys, couplings, for different eccentrics, bolts, sliding bearings and other machine elements exposed to shock strain.
  • For very different needs of industrial production we supply graphite and glass sealing packages, teflon (PTF) bands, flat sealing materials, rubber coated cork…
  • We distribute industrial HOSES of different types and purpose (for water, vapour, air, aggressive and non-aggressive fluids, transport of abrasive materials…) and GALL CHAINS
  • in cooperation with „KONUS“ company from Slovenia we distribute a product program of industrial dry or wet filtration and filtration of industrial air condition systems
  • the special program is LOCTITE product range – these are high technology products by HENKEL producer for insuring, gluing, sealing, connecting and cleaning
  • We sell car batteries, snow chain and car cosmetics for additional car repair service
  • We also offer a range of electrical accessories

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