Service activity tire repair services Gumiimpex-GRP is known in more than 40 years of experience in the profession. Practical use of this knowledge together with modern equipment and technology completes the full-spread tire repair services for all types of vehicles and machines.

Tire service servis Varazdin Tire service Zagreb

-Tires sale within tire-repair shop

-Tire deposit service

-Tire filling with mixture of nitrogen and precious gases

-Tire mounting and de-mounting

-Balancing wheels

-Laser optics

-Damaged tires repair

-Repair of minor damage to the tire, so-called. "Patching", which used materials trusted suppliers such as "TIP TOP"

-Expert advice

Tire-repair services for all types of vehicles and working machines:

-passenger cars

-4x4 and off-road vehicles

-light truck vehicles



-tractors and agricultural machinery

-loaders and excavation machines


Modern equipment for balancing all types of tires:

-Laser optics with cameras computerized data processing – precision and speed.
-Quality car jacks for 4X4 vehicles and vans.

-The new balancing equipment allows quick servicing of all types of rims, from aluminium ones to steel ones, in all dimensions of a wide range transport equipment

-Filling up tires with a mixture of nitrogen and noble gasses carries multiple benefits: it extends tire life, dampens driving noise, keeps permanent tire pressure and gives more safety at greater loads

TIRE LIFE SPAN for FREIGHT VEHICLES is significantly influenced by:

-wrong (usually low) tires inflated pressure, 10 to even 60%; required regular pressure checks, at-least once a month

-speeding - affects 25 - 50%

-roads (mild or sharper gradients, curves) affects 5-45%

-overload vehicles - affects up to 60%


-tire pressure checked every 3 to 4 weeks

-spare tire should be a 0.5 bar higher pressure

-tires older than six years should be checked at the repair depot and, if necessary, replace them

-tremors of vehicles usually means unbalanced wheel tire pressure checked every 3-4 weeks

In emergency cases, freight vehicle tires may be retreaded within 24 hours. With on-time setting up for the appointment and ordering of necessary tire profile and dimension, carriers can bring their trucks to GUMIIMPEX service shop, where tire casings will be taken off (used tires which can be retreaded). Tires are immediately entered into the GAR line – where the new layer will be prepared, processed and vulcanized. Retreaded tires may be mounted back on the vehicle during the next day.

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