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Gumiimpex-GRP PLC is the first company in Croatia to start the waste (used) vehicle tire recycling business, in 2005. The main goal is to reduce the impact on the environment by reusing valuable properties of rubber. Thereby Croatia joins the countries that are trying to organize a quality waste tire management.

Through the use of mechanical recycling, tires are first ripped to larger pieces (shreds and chips) and then, using gradual fragmentation, go through a separation process leading to separated primary tire components – rubber, steel and textiles.

Such recycling makes no additional waste substances, everything is (re)usable; even better, there are no accompanying emissions into the environment – so the air, water and ground stay clean! Research shows that the mechanical waste tire recycling process is by far friendlier to the environment and the nature than the process of burning them as an energy source. Natural resources are best protected by recycling tires through the reuse of rubber granulate, i.e. entering the usage cycle once again. More about products made from recycled tires…

Interested parties may bring their used tires to the waste tire recycling plant every workday from 7 AM to 4 PM. To make up an appointment to bring your waste car tires please contact:

SLAVIČEK ROBERT, tire collection
Phone: 042 684 434
Fax: 042 684 445