Our dedication to protect the environment requires us to constantly improve the quality and environment management system in accordance with the internationally recognised standards and to constantly improve our influence on the environment, to responsibly manage natural resources and act in line with the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Gumiimpex-GRP is the first company in Croatia to start the waste (used) tire recycling business, in 2005. The main goal is to reduce the impact on the environment by reusing valuable properties of rubber. By taking such a step, Croatia joined the circle of countries striving to find a high-quality, organized manner in which to dispose of waste tires.

We recognized the potential of renewable energy sources. In line with its environmental orientation, we decided to invest in their own solar power plants. The plant at the location Trnovec Bartolovečki is the largest integrated solar power plant in Croatia. Over 30 years work, Gumiimpex-GRP will drop into the environment around 16,835 tonnes less carbon dioxide compared to electricity produced in conventional fossil fuel power plants.

Besides that, we also retread tires, which also contribute to ecological protection of natural energy sources. Approximately 182 liters of oil and its derivatives are needed to produce one new tire. To retread one you need 35 liters.

Experience shows that there is a direct link between business success and responsible environmental management, responsible in one´s attitude, strategy and actions. Let´s act responsibly towards our environment!