The business success of Gumiimpex-GRP PLC lies in achieving satisfaction, recognising needs and fulfilling overall expectations of our buyers and customers, providing the highest quality, reliability and security of provided services, information and active contribution to reducing adverse influences on the environment by collecting waste car tires.


The quality and environment management system is established and maintained in such a way that employees on all levels, management ahead of everyone, have the responsibility to:

  • recognise and fulfill the demands and needs of buyers and customers,
  • adhere to laws and binding regulations,
  • prevent pollution of the environment, endangering the health and security of people and manage natural resources in a responsible way,
  • act in accordance with the determined processes and one´s own responsibilities,
  • constantly try improving the efficiency of one´s actions and business processes.

Business excellence in all activities of the company Gumiimpex-GRP PLC  is based on trust in team work and our employees, and supported by ensuring there is constant education and specialisation, supportive business environment, securing needed resources, as well as choice and constant supervision of our suppliers, all this with the goal to guarantee quality and timely income of raw materials. All employees, according to their responsibilities, are obliged to take action to achieve the goals of the company and fulfill all the requirements of the quality management system as stated in Quality standing orders.