At GUMIIMPEX-GRP abilities, knowledge and good communication skills are the key values in developing human potential. In the modern, dynamic development of different technologies, an individual continuously has to develop his/her own qualities in order to fit in and contribute to the activities of the society as well as possible. This is why we offer our employees further education programs and trainings within, but also outside the company so that they can do their jobs professionally and provide our customers with quality service and products.

With a regular flow of business activities and business meetings, we cherish joint meetings of employees. Occasionally we organize team building activities aimed at he development of specific areas of the individuals and the group.

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We try to create conditions for a secure and also challenging job with the opportunity for the individual to grow in a business and professional sense in an environment that encourages teamwork and dedication to the company.

If you would like to join the business ascent of this environment with demanding business plans set high, but through which you can fulfill personal goals as well, fill out the attached online application form or contact us at