Kugla Gumiimpex-GRP,2009.


 To be the regional leader in the rubber industry. Through the recycling and processing waste tiresand producing useful secondary raw material – rubber granulate and final products of rubber granulate.


Plan, set up and supervise the business organisation  and providing services in such a way as to ensure:

  • Quality long-term partnerships with the customers and suppliers.
    • Satisfying the customers´ needs for car tires from program for personal and business use and for rubber technical products that have a wide range of usage in business and agriculture.
    • Equable high quality of rubber products and services using the best available practise of rubber manufacturers and rubber products.
    • Using and applying the standards of our partners – Goodyear – Dunlop and Michelin in renewing cargo tires in production and sales as well as in giving professional advice on the functional use of reliable and high quality updated/renewed tires.
    •  Processing  all quantities of waste tires from Croatian territory, processing this type of waste and production of rubber granulate as raw material for new useful life products through broad application, which directly improves environmental protection in the country.
    • Systematical investment in new technologies, knowledge and appreciation of environmental protection principles.
    • Systematical investment and creation of quality and creative human potentials.
    • Satisfaction of all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, employees, owners and the local community.