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Retreding tires for trucks and buses


Do you know that retreaded tires are used by all the world's airlines? Do you know that retreaded tires are also used in postal transport, on school and city buses, on fire trucks and ambulances, on tractors and agricultural machinery worldwide? Retreaded tires are used for a number of benefits:


  • they get the same mileage as new tires they reduce the cost of tire procurement by almost a third


  • high and uniform quality, reliability and durability, damage resistance is achieved by applying high technological standards


With the new useful life of the retreaded tires, they conserve the natural resources and energy used in making the tires
Tire retreading or retreading is a technology that makes used tires reusable by replacing a worn and damaged outer layer with a new tire layer. In the process of refurbishing tires for trucks and buses, Gumiimpex-GRP d.o.o meet the highest technological and operational requirements of partners Goodyear and Michelin  through a systematic investment in equipment and knowledge.

Approval E13-109 allows the use of Gumiimpex-GRP retreaded tires in European Union traffic.

Gumiimpex-GRP tire retreading certification

The Ministry of Transport of Luxembourg issued Gumiimpex-GRP in 2002 a CERTIFICATE E13 * 109R00 * 0015, confirming that the tire retreaded in our plant meets all the requirements of the international ECE Regulation R 109.00 “Equal provisions for the type-approval of production of retreaded tires for commercial tires vehicles and their trailers. ”

Approval E13-109R-000015 allows the use of Gumiimpex-GRP retreaded tires in traffic in European Union countries, and this is an important international certification for us, regarding the high level of quality of tire retreading in Gumiimpex-GRP.

Recertification of tire retreading in Gumiimpex-GRP

Based on a regular recertification audit on the Gumiimpex-GRP truck tire retreading line, the Luxembourg Ministry of Transport issued the Gumiimpex-GRP on May 15, 2012. Certificate E13 * 109R00 * 109R00 * 0015 * 03 reaffirming that the tire has been retreaded at our facility, in all controlled parameters, our product and process meet the provisions of ECE Regulation R 109.00 "Equal Provisions on the Approval of Production of Recycled Tires for Commercial Vehicles and their Trailers."

Reliable and standardized quality retreaded tires

The quality of the final product, retreaded truck or bus tires, is based on the reliable choice of carcass, used car tires. Therefore, only frames that meet the prescribed standards of ECE Regulation R 109 are included in the refurbishment process, with modern tire control equipment becoming increasingly important.

Modern electronic tire inspection by so-called interferometry (serography) enables quick and realistic determination of tire damage by direct inspection and computer-processed data on a video screen. The information is stored from the initial inspection of the carcass to the final inspection of the finished retreaded tire and can be delivered electronically, on CD or DVD, at the customer's request.

All materials used in the renovation are original products of our partners. The processes undergoing renovation are prescribed and standardized according to licenses, and the equipment is either purchased directly from our partners or approved for use by them. Our partners Goodyear and Michelin regularly, and at least once a year, check their licenses. With a multi-day process control and equipment precision control, we are introduced to technical and technological innovations in the process and equipment.

The economic impact of using retreaded tires

By using retreaded tires for trucks and buses, carriers directly reduce running costs because retreaded tires are cheaper than new ones. Using a combination of new tires + retrofits can result in significant savings in tire procurement.

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