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Gasket and Seal Jet sealing systems

Gasket Jet sealing systems

Dimensions / shapes

  • in the chamber for non-metallic seals it is possible to make them in the surface of 4000x2000 mm
  • metal gaskets, ie materials containing metal, eg reinforced klingerite, can be made in the size 3000x2200 mm, and sizes larger than that are made in several parts
  • the draft of the made gasket can be stored in the computer memory and recreated


Plate materials:

  • tight, klingerite, teflon, rubber, cork, plastic, paper, felt, polyamide, styrofoam, cardboard, wood, plexiglass, carpet, fabric, vinyl, leather, fiberglass
  • metal up to 40 mm thick is cut using quartz sand

Technological processing process

  • designing with the support of a computer system as part of the equipment
  • the shape and complexity of the seal can be taken directly from the design or according to the pattern
  • seals are cut with water jet with a maximum pressure of 4000 bar and a speed equal to almost three times the speed of sound
  • the water jet that cuts the sealing material is only slightly thicker than human hair
  • the edges are clean and smooth
  • high speed of workmanship without preliminary mold preparation ("punches")


  • a very wide range of materials, shapes and dimensions for flat seals for all sealing applications
  • possible corrections (increase / decrease) eg screw holes or bolts
  • possible changes in angle and cutting at given tolerances
  • application at temperatures from -200 ° C to +260 ° C

Seal Jet sealing systems

Dimensions / shapes

Production of gaskets from 5 to 440 mm in diameter for all media in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

  • more than 150 pre-programmed profiles
  • 5 to 440 mm diameter gaskets are produced for all media in hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • In addition to the own production Seal Jet gaskets for the Croatia market we also work with  the company "SIMRIT FREUDENBERG" from Weinheim is forand the company "Merkel" from Hamburg.
  • Large assortment in "Simrit" gaskets and oil seals is constantly stored, non-standard and specific customer needs are met very quickly thanks to extremely short delivery times
  • See the gasket profile HERE.


17 standard media types depending on the media to be sealed.

Technological processing process

  • preparation and production of gaskets is performed on the modern electronic equipment of the manufacturer "ECONOMOS" generation "NG 40")
  • sealing in pressures from 0 to 700 bar for all media in hydraulics and pneumatics
  • application at temperatures from -200 ° C to +260 ° C
  • rapid production and delivery according to the default profile enables practical use for the services of construction machinery, transport equipment, agricultural machinery, mechanical engineering, etc.


  • A very wide range of sealant materials, shapes and dimensions for all types of sealants
  • Possible corrections (increase / decrease) i. E. From holes for screws or bolts
  • It is possible to change the angles and cutting edges with certain tolerances
  • Application at temperatures from -200 ° C to +260 ° C

Piston gaskets

Shaft seals

Windshield wipers

Rotor gaskets

Lead rings

Supporting rings

Static sealants

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Over 50 years of experience and tradition
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