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Gumiimpex-GRP d.o.o is the first company in Croatia to start recycling waste (used) car tires in 2005. The main goal is to reduce the environmental impact while reusing valuable rubber properties. In doing so, Croatia joins countries that are trying to properly manage waste tire management.

By mechanical recycling, the tires are torn to pieces, and by gradual grinding they undergo a separation process in which the rubber parts, steel and textiles are separated, which are the basic components of the composition of each tire.

In the process of such recycling no further waste substance is created, everything is "usable", and it is extremely important that there are no accompanying "emissions into the environment" - into the air, water or soil! Research has shown that the mechanical recycling process of waste tires is far more favorable to the environment and nature than incineration for energy purposes. It is through recycling through the rubber granulate that enters the reuse cycle that natural resources are conserved. 

At the waste tire recycling facility, tire pickup is organized throughout the day from 7am to 4pm. Contact us at:

SLAVIČEK ROBERT, tire collection
Phone: 042 684 434
Fax: +385 42 684 445
Email: robert.slavicek@grp.hr

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