NEW! Possibility of refilling AdBlue at Gumiimpex outlets


Possibility of refueling AdBlue at the Gumiimpex-GRP Zagreb and Varaždin branches for all commercial vehicles and at the Gumiimpex-GRP Zagreb branch for passenger vehicles.

AdBlue is:

32.5% solutions of pure synthetic urea in demineralized water,

allows the exhaust gas to be cleaned in the SCR catalyst,

reduces diesel consumption by 5-7%,

the solution has no toxic properties, does not act on the human body aggressively, is not flammable and is not classified as dangerous for transport.

The AdBlue passenger car pump is located in:


Slavonska avenue 26/5, Žitnjak

Phone: 01 2452 941

AdBlue pump for trucks are located in:


Koledovčina 6, Žitnjak

Tel: 01 2452 944


Pavleka Miškine 64 c

Tel: 042 404 533

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