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Oils, lubricants and liquids

INA lubricants experts systematically monitor trends in the development of vehicles, vehicle equipment and industrial plants in the lubricant application segment, as an integral factor in the good and safe function of engines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and in the specific application of lubricants as metalworking elements.

Motor oils and fluids

  • motor oils for passenger cars
  • motor oils for road and rail vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery
  • engine oils for marine engines
  • engine oils for two-stroke engines
  • gear oils for vehicles
  • oils for automatic transmissions and hydrodynamic transmissions
  • tractor oils
  • dampers and hydraulic oils for construction machinery
  • brake fluids
  • fluids for engine cooling systems
  • other vehicle products

Lubricants and related products for industry

  • hydraulic oils and fluids
  • fireproof hydraulic fluids
  • hydraulic oils and sliding tracks
  • circulating oils
  • lubricants for closed industrial gears
  • lubricants for open gears and ropes
  • chain oils
  • oil for the textile industry
  • turbine oils
  • compressor oils
  • oils for pneumatic devices
  • heat transfer oils
  • insulating oils and cable joints
  • process oils
  • lubricants for casting
  • other industrial oils

Materials processing agents

  • pure metalworking oils
  • lubricants for processing steel by deformation
  • water-miscible metalworking fluids
  • oils for heat treatment of metals
  • metal erosion treatment oils

Temporary corrosion protection agents

  • mineral oil based agents
  • solvent-containing agents
  • lubricants for industry and vehicles
  • lubricating greases for roller and plain bearings
  • lubricating greases for roller and plain bearings operating under special conditions
  • lubricating greases for central lubrication systems
  • biodegradable grease lubricants
  • lubricating greases for shipbuilding

Fluid for brakes and cooling systems

  • INA antifreeze
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