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Parts for separators and conveyors

Spare parts for Binder equipment

  • Rubber bushings
  • Lignoston springs
  • Shear springs

Rollers for conveyor belts

  • Drive Rollers / Drive Drums - Run the conveyor belt
  • Supporting rollers - support the conveyor belt, mounted individually or in assemblies
  • Reverse rollers - prevents the conveyor belt from sagging when idling
  • Rubber ring return rollers - clean the tape from the residual material and hold the tape
  • Roller supports

Sieves - for sifting materials

  • Wire sieves - screening of materials in quarries and gravel pits; are classified according to the dimensions of the holes, the thickness of the wire, the way the wire is interwoven and the type of material (spring steel, stainless steel)
  • Polyurethane and rubber sieves - long service life due to increased wear resistance, durability for heavy loads

In addition to rollers / rollers and sieves, we also offer accessories for conveyors and separation of loose materials (in gravel, quarries, limestone, cement works, sugar refineries, etc.) as required.

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