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Types of industrial pipes

Tubes for autogenous digestion

  • Application of tubes: for transport of oxygen and acetylene and propane, for autogenous digestion
  • Material: Rubber Tubes (SBR / NR)

Steam and hot water pipes

  • Pipe application: for transporting hot water and steam, for vehicle coolers
  • Material: rubber tubes (SBR / EPDM, EPDM, NBR, SBR), silicone tubes

Exhaust and ventilation pipes

  • Application of pipes: for suction of exhaust gases, for suction of hot air at the air conditioners, fans, suction hoods, drying devices…
  • Material: rubber tubes, plastic tubes, paper tubes, combination of plastic and aluminum, aluminum tubes, silicone tubes

Pipes for chemicals

  • Application of pipes: Suction and discharge pipes for various chemical substances
  • Material: The material depends on the type of chem. substance, concentration, temperature…

Multipurpose tubes

  • Application of tubes: spraying tubes for plant protection products, for laboratories, food industry, medicine, measuring technology
  • Material: rubber tubes, plastic tubes, silicone tubes

Pipes for compressed air

  • Application of pipes: transport of compressed air on compressors, braking systems and hot air compressors
  • Material: rubber tubes, tubes made of plastics

Pipes for mineral oils and fuel

  • Application of pipes: suction and discharge pipes for the transport of mineral oils and mineral oil products
  • Material: rubber tubes

Water pipes

  • Application of pipes: for transport of drinking water, waste water ...
  • Material: rubber tubes, tubes made of plastics

Pipes for the transportation of abrasive materials

  • Application of pipes: suction and discharge pipes
  • Material: rubber tubes, tubes made of plastics

Tubes for food items

  • Application of tubes: for the transport of fatty or non-fatty foods, dry foods…
  • Material: rubber tubes, plastic tubes, silicone tubes

Couplings and helmets for various purposes

  • Pipe application: site-specific selection and conditions of use
  • Material: metal connectors, plastic connectors

Parameters for proper selection of pipe


  • inner diameter
  • outer diameter
  • length
  • tolerances


  • fluid - type, concentration, temperature
  • gas - type, concentration, temperature
  • solid materials - description, size

Purpose of use:

  • operating pressure, firing pressure, checking pressure
  • vacuum
  • intensity of use
  • flow capacity

Environmental Impacts:

  • UV and ozone resistance
  • mechanical effects of wear
  • ambient temperature
  • chemical influences

Special requirements:

  • weight
  • flexibility
  • bending radius
  • electrical resistance
  • torsion
  • flame resistance
  • pulling power
  • thinning in length and diameter
  • color
  • label

Pipe ends:

  • with a spiral
  • with spiral-free muffs
  • with extended muffs
  • conic

Connection system:

  • connectors
  • clamps
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