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Polyurethane products

Dimensions / shapes

  • making a mold according to a specific sample or design of the product


  • polyurethane is a high quality plastic material (elastomer) that "replaces" rubber
  • very good physical and technical characteristics: strength, breaking elongation, hardness, repulsive elasticity, high abrasion resistance
  • excellent chemical properties - resistance to hydrolysis and aging, resistance to microorganisms, to dilute acids and alkalis
  • hardness from 70 to 95 Sh A scale

The technological process

  • cold or warm processing
  • molding by spraying, molding and casting directly on "ribbon flow" rollers
  • stabilization
  • finishing


  • production of high-load machine parts
  • forklift wheels
  • inserts of various couplings for transmission of rotational motions (couplings)
  • coating of rollers (drive, transport, graphic, etc.)
  • coating of metal surfaces to improve wear resistance
  • sealing parts for hydraulics and pneumatics
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