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Pressed rubber technical products

Dimensions / shapes

A wide range of different shapes and sizes, and dimensions:

  • buffers, 60 dimensions, 5 different designs
  • elastic couplings, star-shaped
  • protective harmonics
  • rubber reinforced membranes
  • flow valve couplings from NO 15 to NO 250
  • rubber O-rings
  • elastic periflex couplings
  • couplings and gaskets for concrete, PVC and iron pipes for drinking water and waste water
  • rubber vacuum pumps
  • rubber rotors for flow pumps
  • selenium blocks
  • wheel rubberisation for industrial use


  • materials are defined in relation to the medium for which the product is used, the temperature, the method of exploitation, the place of application…
  • base materials SBR, CR, NBR, EPDM, NR, FPM (Viton), VMQ (Silicone), hardness 25 to 90 Sha

Technological process

  • making molds or tools
  • filling the mold with a crude rubber compound
  • vulcanization according to the prescribed technological procedure
  • time, temperature, pressure
  • finishing 
  • control, testing


  • sealing elements
  • vibration and noise reduction elements
  • different transport elements
  • load-bearing elements

For industries

  • car industry
  • electrical industry
  • textile industry
  • construction industry
  • shipbuilding
  • metal industry
  • food industry
Over 50 years
Over 50 years of experience and tradition
Professional and long term
Professional and long term partnership with customers and suppliers
High quality
High quality rubber products and services
Production +7000
Production +7000 rubber technical products annually

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