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Construction and commissioning of a photovoltaic power plant for the needs of the production plant Gumiimpex - GRP d.o.o. on the outer canopy

Short description of the project: This project will solve the problem of underutilization of the potential of using renewable energy sources in the production facility
of Gumiimpex-GRP d.o.o.

Objectives and expected results: The main objective of the project is to increase the level of use of renewable energy sources by building a photovoltaic power plant on the outer canopy.

The implementation of the project will contribute to:

  • reduction of consumption (savings) of delivered energy by 35.55%;
  • increasing the share of energy from renewable sources in the production process;
  • reducing CO2 emissions by more than 430 t / year.

Implementation period: 2018 to 2019.
Contact person: tomislav.oskorus@gumiimpex.hr

Research and development of inovative materials and products from devulcanised rubber

Project reference number: KK.

Short description of the project:

With this project the capacity for research, development and innovation will be increased and thourg industrial research and development of new innovativve materials and products from devulcanised rubber, technological processes will be improved. Project contributes in priority area of Croatian energy and sustainable enviroment specialistic smart strategy. The implementation of this project will result with innovation for Gumiimpex trought commertialization of new products, income and export growth and with improved competitiveness, which will have positive influence on national economy.

In this priject it is planned to start with technology of mechanical procedure of devulcanzation, which, in previous research, profiled as the only technology that shows good results, where no chemicals are usedand iti is save for environment and it can be apply to industrial production. Therefore, with this project it is planned implementation of industrial research an development of new innovative materials and products out of devulcanized rubber. This represents closed circle of production of rubber technical parts in complete, sustainable and circular production process, that lays on pricnipals of circular economy, which includes:

  • collection of old tires
  • tire recycling
  • devulcanization of recycled material retreved from tire recycling
  • production of new products out of devulcanized rubber granulate with production and development of new material, development and optimization of compounds, that will be used in production of rubber-technical parts, will be done in parallel.

To be more precise, with this project it is planned development of new products in two, new innovative product, groups:

  • new innovative devulcanize rubber material, which will be researched and developed according to different recepies, adjusted according to market research and customer needs
  • new innovative products made from devulcanized rubber, which will be researched and developed according to different recepies, adjusted according to market research and customer needs.

Expected outcomes of this R&D project are:

  • increased investments in IRI
  • capacity strenghtening for IRI (procurement of equipment for research and development and employment of new workers)
  • protection of intellectual property (1 patent application and 1 mark application)
  • significant approvement of existing an development of new technological processes
  • two new group of products (new innovative materials and products of devulcanized rubber) as a result of research and development and application of existing and new know-how and skills in development of new products
  • preparation for product commercialisation
  • upgrade in global value supply chain with increased export
  • increased competitiveness through increased income
  • successfull implementation of promotion of project activities and EU co-funding
  • extensive knowledge expantion by reporting of project results to wide public on conferences.

Total project value: 41.675.012,68 kn

Amount co-funded by EU: 11.037.217,54 kn

Project duration (from-to): 15/03/2021 – 15/03/2023

Contact person: Tomislav Oskoruš, tomislav.oskorus@gumiimpex.hr, +385 42 404 591

Recycled Tire & Solar Photocatalysis: An Ecological Innovation for Passive Air and Health Protection

Short project description:

Geotechnical faculty Zagreb and Gumiimpex-GRP d.o.o. are conducting R&D project in order to achieve ecological innovation – multipurpose product from recycled tire with photocatalytic active surface. Applied researches are done through tree phases of industrial research and experimental research in sense of research of technological concept and development of final product. The aim is to achieve stronger influence on economic growth by enabling access to technologies and knowledge transfer and easing in use of research results and theirs development by its dissemination.

Project web site: www.rgsf.eu

Project duration: 22.12.2020. - 22.12.2023.

Head of the project: Geotehnički fakultet, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

Partners: Gumiimpex-GRP d.o.o. Varaždin

Project finance source: Operativni program ''Konkurentnost i kohezija'' 2014.-2020.

Total value of project: 6.839.099,25 HRK

Amount of EU funding: 5.074.420,62 HRK

Project coordinator: Prof.dr.sc. Mladen Božičević

Over 50 years
Over 50 years of experience and tradition
Professional and long term
Professional and long term partnership with customers and suppliers
High quality
High quality rubber products and services
Production +7000
Production +7000 rubber technical products annually

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