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Rubber flooring for stables

Stable coverings (Overview)

Covers for standing on dairy and equestrian farms

Applying rubber floor coverings to stables will improve milk production, natural growth and herd health. This is a good farming practice for animal welfare.

In order to avoid constant loads of hooves, years of research have shown the flooring has to be softer and more flexible,- as close as posible to the natural surface. Rubber-lined padding is suitable for hooves as they submerge slightly in the pad.

The softness and thermal comfort of lying on a rubber pad reduces stress on animals and increases their fitness: mobility, healthy legs and hooves, more milk resulting in less veterinary intervention.

Rubber floorings are also used in the training area (riding areas are fast drying and slippery), barn pads, hangar protective walls, water bins, guard rails, silo pads and warehouses, etc.

Changing and setting up tire flooring is done by the technical team of the Gumiimpex-GRP manufacturer.

Benefits and uses of Gumiimpex-GRP rubber floor mats

  • 5 year warranty
  • uniform high quality rubber linings
  • setting and adjusting the lining of each item, taking into account the specifics
  • softer pads may have a hoof to regenerate
  • hoof disease means declining
  • cattle on softer grounds walk much more relaxed, less painful and without fear leading to greater cattle activities
  • cattle are much more freer and move more, eat better and mate more easily - which leads to higher productivity
  • reduced veterinary costs for treating animals
  • higher milk production
  • higher animal fertility

GPL Rubber Linings - BEARING


  • board dimensions can be adjusted from 1650 to 1750 mm, or from 1100 to 1200 mm, depending on the dimension of the tray


  • extreme comfort due to lining construction, soft rubber and high abrasion resistance
  • linings retain their shape and softness for a long time
  • the sealing profile on the underside of the rubber lining prevents impurities from penetrating
  • the profiled upper surface of the lining has excellent anti-slip properties
  • easy to clean and disinfect

Setting method

  • the rubber plates are mounted on a hard surface and fastened with stainless steel screws with dowels - two pieces on the upper side
  • the screws are inserted into the board so that the animals do not come in contact with them, thus preventing injury

The measurement and installation are performed by the technical team of the manufacturer GUMIIMPEX-GRP.

GPR - Rubber linings - GRILLS


  • the basic dimensions of the plate are 1750x1250x20 mm, but rarely the original plate is installed, it generally has to be adjusted to the dimensions of the grids in the building


  • 20 mm thick rubber lining
  • the profiled underside allows the flow of faeces and impurities
  • good anti-slip properties
  • robust and durable and easy to clean

Setting method

  • it is important to accurately measure the object in the prep area so that the placement of the panels is functional, which is why we recommend that measurements and installation be carried out by technically trained and equipped service technicians of the manufacturer
  • rubber plates are interconnected with the so-called puzzles, and are fixed with stainless steel screws

These rubber linings are also suitable in horse stables for lining up horse boxes and floors in stables .

GPS - Corridor Rubber Covers - SCRAPPER


  • dimensions of floor coverings that are cleaned so-called scrapper is 1200 x 1500 x 20 mm


  • the specially reinforced construction of the GPS panel on the bottom enhances the durability of the lining. This is important because of the increased load of the machine moving on the rubber lining

Setting method

  • The floor surfaces are coated after the measurement made by the manufacturer by joining several panels with the "puzzles system", and the panels are fastened with stainless (stainless steel) screws.
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