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Rubber pipes

Rubber pipes

Dimensions / shapes

  • rubber pipes 20 to 300 mm in diameter
  • reinforcements with canvas, polyamide knits, metal spirals or metal segments
  • straight or curved (single or multiple)
  • the ends of the pipes secured to the clamps are left without a metal coil in order to obtain the correct clamping force
  • pipes with vulcanized metal flanges, in particular pipes on gravel extraction machines


  • EPDM, good chemical, high temperature, atmospheric, ozone resistant, primarily for heat sink rubber pipes and more chemically demanding media
  • CR (NEOPREN), very good resistance to aging, weathering and ozone, seawater
  • NBR (perbunan), excellent resistance to oil, gasoline, good mechanical properties
  • NR - natural rubber, high elasticity and good abrasion resistance
  • SBR - synthetic rubber for general use, good aging resistance and good mechanical properties

Technological process

  • applying a crude rubber compound to the prepared metal core (tool), if necessary, various specific reinforcements (impregnations) are added, vulcanization
  • by extruding with the automatic use of textile or polyamide reinforcement with autoclave inoculation


  • for transporting various media in a protected atmosphere from place to place with different pressures or with different geodetic levels
  • for chemically aggressive media
  • for higher temperature levels

High pressure pipes (hydraulic and pneumatic)

Dimensions / shapes

  • different types and types of pipes can be manufactured in a very short time
  • fittings (male and female) with tapered end seals, metric, inch or unified US threads


  • materials for the transmission of hydro-pneumatic media (air, gas, steam, fuel, hydraulic fluids)
  • high, medium and low pressure pipes

Technological process

  • depending on the purpose, they are prepared and assembled with suitable attachments


  • high pressure, medium pressure and low pressure pipes for the transfer of hydro-pneumatic media


Over 50 years
Over 50 years of experience and tradition
Professional and long term
Professional and long term partnership with customers and suppliers
High quality
High quality rubber products and services
Production +7000
Production +7000 rubber technical products annually

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