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Tire recycling

Gumiimpex-GRP d.o.o is the first company in Croatia to start recycling used car tires in 2005. The main goal is to reduce the environmental impact while reusing valuable rubber properties. In doing so, Croatia joins countries that are trying to properly manage waste tire management.

Modern technology uses old, exported tires to produce granules of various sizes, which are further used in many industries: from construction, infrastructure, transportation, agriculture (livestock and gardening) to sports fields of various profiles and urban areas with landscaped areas for leisure. playgrounds and rehabilitation centers.


The annual capacity of the recycling plant for recycling waste tires is the processing of 32.000 tonnes of used tires of all types (tires for passenger and off-road vehicles, vans and trucks, buses, tires for agricultural machinery, tractors, forklifts, etc.). In the area of ​​85,000 m2 of infrastructurally equipped land, production halls with an area of ​​12,500 m2 were constructed and a waste tire landfill of 12,000 m2

Waste tire collection

In the territory of Croatia, waste tires are collected at authorized regional collectors. At the waste tire recycling facility, tire pickup is organized throughout the day from 7am to 2pm. All types of car tires are collected (car tires from passenger cars and ATVs, vans and trucks, buses, tires from agricultural machines, tractors, forklifts, aircraft, work machines…).

Waste tire recycling

Tire recycling is a sustainable development activity as it creates new value from used products. It is important to note that used tires are fully recyclable and their chemical and physical properties make them valuable raw materials.

By mechanical recycling, the tires are torn to pieces and, by gradual grinding, undergo a separation process in which rubber parts, steel and textiles are individually separated, which are the basic components of the composition of each tire. Research has shown that the mechanical recycling process of waste tires is far more favorable to the environment and nature than incineration for energy purposes. It is through recycling through the rubber granulate that enters the reuse cycle that natural resources are conserved.

We collect tire scrap for free when replacing tires in our tire repair services at:

VARAŽDIN, Pavleka Miškine 64c


ZAGREB, Slavonska avenija 26/5, Koledovčina 6

Other places for picking up and collecting waste tires can be found on the web pages of the Environmental and Energy Efficiency Fund.

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