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This Privacy Policy, based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), shall explain which personal data are collected in connection with the provision of our services, how we process, use and protect that data, for what purposes we use them, as well as your rights related to your data.


Individuals’ privacy and personal data protection are human rights.

At GUMIIMPEX, we have a duty to care for individuals whose personal data we process and store.

Data means liability, and must only be collected and processed when absolutely necessary.

GUMIIMPEX adheres to the following principles in order to protect the privacy of its clients:

It is important to read our Privacy Policy and we hope to your time taken and your attention. We have tried to make it as clear as possible and understandable to everyone, with the desire to maintain your full confidence in how we handle your personal data.

If, after you have read the Privacy Policy, you will have further questions about personal data protection or would like to share your ideas and recommendations with us, please contact us via e-mail:

This website, as well as our business and information systems, is designed to comply with the following national and EU legal framework regarding data protection and user privacy:

and will be continuously updated in line with the relevant legal and regulatory framework for data protection and privacy at national and EU level.

We regularly improve our Privacy Policy to further enhance the protection of your data.

This Privacy Policy was updated on 23 August 2018.

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GUMIIMPEX – GRP d.o.o. / Ltd.


GUMIIMPEX acts in relation to the personal data of you as customers and potential customers of services and products, our business partners and potential clients in the role of processing manager, who determines the purposes and methods of processing your personal data and takes care of providing all the security measures of your personal data. The processing manager of your personal data through this website is:

GUMIIMPEX – GRP d.o.o. / Ltd.

Pavleka Miškine 64c

42000 Varaždin



1. Data referring to business cooperation

We collect your data that you make available to us when you intend to enter into a contract to purchase our products or services, which are necessary to execute the contract, such as full name, address, contact data (email address, phone number), personal identification number (PIN), and we process them for the duration of our contractual relationship. This includes the information necessary for contracted products and services delivery, as well as the invoicing, the data proving the authority to conclude the Contract, and the data collected during communication with us (e.g. contact data).

We also collect your data that you make available to us when you intend to enter into a contract to purchase your products and services, you as our trusted suppliers, who are required to perform the contract, such as full name, address, contact data (email address, phone number), personal identification number (PIN), and we process them for the duration of our business relationship and with respect to the legal obligations to store them.

2. Data of customers of our retail services and products

We collect your data that you make available to us when ordering or purchasing our products or using our retail services, such as full name, address, contact data (email address, phone number), personal identification number (PIN). This includes data necessary to deliver the contracted products and services, and invoicing and information collected when communicating with us (e.g., contact data), and processing them until delivery of our products or termination of our services and retain in accordance with our justified legitimate interest in the coming period (e.g., tire storage or product manufacturing services based on your specific requirements for five years, your complaints about the delivered products and services for ten years after resolving the complaints, balancing the rims for one year).

3. Website

Although you can use our website without giving any personal data after you contact us via our contact form or directly via our e-mail address, GUMIIMPEX shall collect information about you. Information you fill in (personal information such as your name, email address, organization) or send via direct email shall be processed and stored so that we can contact you and respond to your request. GUMIIMPEX shall not share your personal data with any third parties or allow them access.

Data shall be used solely for business contact and for improving the content of the websites purpose and anonymously for collecting statistics purpose. To use certain content of our website and services, you must register and provide us with your personal data (full name, address, company name, phone number, email address, password and other data required during registration) that we store until the moment you request to delete your registration.

If you are under 16 you must submit parental or holder's consent before providing personal data.

Our websites contain links to other GUMIIMPEX websites and social media profiles and are not covered by our Privacy Policy. We recommend that you read the privacy policies of each website and social network you visit, and in particular where you submit data.


Your personal data can be accessed by other recipients exclusively in the manner provided by applicable current regulations and on the basis of appropriate contracts that ensure a high level of personal data protection.

We work with partners who help us provide and improve our services and products and make our direct communication with you more effective. We provide access to your personal data to authorized personal data external processing executors for our company based on our explicit instructions and through contracts. These partners are required to respect strictly the obligation of confidentiality in accordance with these Rules, the contracts we signed with them and in accordance with the obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation.

Our chosen external processing executors are first and foremost individuals and trading companies that provide us with products and services delivery, accounting and bookkeeping services, IT services and business application maintenance services, property and people protection services, candidate and employment evaluation, and other services referring to the company scope of business operations, without which we would not be able to ensure the fulfilment of our contractual obligations to you and to assure you a high level of quality of our services and products.

Providing access to data other legal or natural persons is always limited to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes for which the data were collected and is carried out in accordance with current regulations. At the same time, we guarantee that within our processing of personal data, it shall not come to their transfer to third countries outside the EU area.


When GUMIIMPEX shall collect information about you, we ensure that your personal data is protected from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data that is transmitted, stored or otherwise processed. This shall be carried out through appropriate professional technical measures and carefully selected business partners who ensure the highest level of data processing security.


Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive that help to customize web browser interface. For instance, cookies can be used to store registration data on a webpage so that the user does not have to re-enter it when they visit the webpage again. For further information please visit: or

If you are concerned about cookies, most internet browsers allow individuals to ban cookies. You can set your browser to not accept cookies, and the websites above give you instructions on how to remove cookies from your browser and how to fully use our website.

To properly manage our website, we store anonymous data on our operating systems and identify visitor categories by item, such as domains and browser types, without processing your personal data. These statistics are aggregated to our web site managers, with the purpose of ensuring that our web site provides the best experience for visitors and as an effective source of the information required. Upon completion of your visit to our website, you can always delete cookies from your system if you wish.

Our website does not collect any of your personal data within cookies.


You are free to contact us at any time for a purpose of:

If you wish to exercise any of the foregoing rights, please feel free to:

At your request we shall respond as soon as possible and no later than one month from receipt of your request. If unable to secure confirmation of your identity we shall be free to request additional verification of your identity.


At any time, you can file a complaint directly to the competent supervisory authority, particularly in the EU country where you have a habitual residence, place of work or place of alleged breach, if you believe that our processing of your personal data is not lawful.

Direct contacts of the competent supervisory authority in the Republic of Croatia are:



Fra Grge Martića 14

HR – 10 000 Zagreb

Telephone: +385 1 4609 000

Fax: +385 1 4609 099




We shall notify AZOP, as the competent data protection supervisory authority, of any personal data breach within 72 hours of the breach, if we determine that the personal data has suffered a breach and we shall take all steps and measures to minimize eventual consequences for your privacy.​


We reserve the right to periodically adjust and improve the text of this Privacy Policy, primarily to comply with legal changes, that is, changes in the purposes and methods of processing. However, we will not restrict your rights arising from this Privacy Policy or from the relevant legal regulations. In the event that there are changes that may affect your rights, we'll inform you in due time and directly in an appropriate manner.