The Murinsel - Graz project


** Murinsel is another of the buildings built on the occasion of Graz being the 'European City of Culture'. It is also the bridge between the two shores - the more traditional one dominated by Schloßberg and the more modern ones, where the Kunsthaus is first noticed.

The steel structure is made in the form of a semi-open shell, and in fact it is a ship fixed with anchors and additionally bridges connecting it to both banks of the Mura. There is a stage and cafe on the islet, where you can enjoy looking towards Schloßberg or the Kunsthaus.

The island had a temporary purpose, so after the celebratory year 2003 it was to be sold, but the citizens loved it so much that it was decided to leave it anchored where it is. **

Gumiimpex - GRP participated in the project of modernization and refreshment of Murinsel itself, and applied blue and black colored EPDM rubber granulate which is waterproof, fast drying, has sound, thermal and noise insulation.