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Light industrial tapes

Technological processing process

  • lightweight internal transport systems
  • transportation of semi-finished and finished products
  • process conveyor belts involved in the process of product design
  • antistatic conveyor belts (with special marking)
  • HabasitLINK Modular Tapes
  • Cleanline tapes
  • HyGUARD tapes

Dimensions / forms

  • possible connection of strips with a maximum width up to 4 meters
  • orders according to catalog selection
  • manufacturers:

Radial shaft seals

Seals in stationary locations

  • About the ring
  • Static seals

Seals on rotating machine parts

  • Simerings
  • Merkel® pakunzi - gaskets

Seals on rotating machine parts

  • Protective bellows
  • Merkel® Hydraulic seals, guides, wipers
  • Membranes
  • Merkel® pneumatic seals, guides, wipers

Insulation fittings

  • Anti-vibration technique

Gal chains


  • single row gal chains - mark * -1
  • double row gal chains - mark * -2
  • three-row gal chains - mark * -3
  • SG and SK couplings (SG mark or SK + chain type)

Special chains design:

  • antistatic
  • temperature
  • resistant
  • heightened


Special use of chains: conveyor (conveyor and elevator)



Installation material:

  1. installation overhead systems
  2. installation module systems
  3. connection accessories for industry
  4. junction boxes, etc.


  1. road lighting
  2. industrial lighting
  3. reflector lighting
  4. tunnel lighting
  5. urban and park lighting etc.


  1. devices made of insulating materials
  2. devices made of lime materials
  3. silumin devices and others.

Industrial filters

Industrial filtration is intended for the purification of air, water, colors of emulsions, gases and other media.

  • The space filtration filters are installed in the air chambers through which the air passes. The filter can be rolled up, sewn into "pockets" or fitted into cassettes that are fed into the air chambers.
  • Rough space filtration filters are most commonly used in the air-conditioning of production halls, compressor stations, for the protection of electrical appliances or as pre-filters in more demanding air-conditioning chambers (paint shops, office buildings ...).
  • Fine spatial filtration filters are present in hospitals, laboratories, power plants, paints
  • Absolute filters are most commonly used in operating rooms, pharmacy ...
  • Filters for industrial dusting or so called dry filtration is made from filter cloth and is installed in dust collectors that serve in industrial processes for cleaning air, oil, gases and other particles. The type of filter is determined depending on the medium being dusted, whether moisture is present, what is the air temperature…
  • Filters for liquids or so called wet filtration - important parameters of the filtered media.

Other maintenance materials

  • Polyamide in panel
  • Polyamide - Bars
  • Seal
  • Cork regular
  • Cork rubberized
Over 50 years
Over 50 years of experience and tradition
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Professional and long term partnership with customers and suppliers
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High quality rubber products and services
Production +7000
Production +7000 rubber technical products annually

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